Fit Suit

6 Tips To Dress Like A Grown Up

A Made To Fit Suit

Gone are the days of wearing the same suit to job interviews that you wore to school dances. You will be surprised how much of a difference a tailored suit will feel and the confidence it will instill. If you can’t go to buy a custom suit at a shop like Oliver & Rowan Bespoke, here in Chicago, then make sure to take your current suit to a trusted tailor. Even a $1,000 suit can look cheap if its too big on you.

Custom Shirts

The most important parts of a shirt are how the collar and shoulder fit. Make sure to consult a tailor when having shirts made, don’t try to measure yourself. Without proper cleaning your shirts can deteriorate so remember to care for your shirts by using a high quality dry cleaner in your neighborhood.

Two Pairs of Dress Shoes

This should be a given. Get rid of your boat shoes and buy some nice shoes. Spend some time choosing your pair, if you care for them you will have them for a long time.

Matching Belt

When you buy new shoes, buy a matching belt at the same time. Pairing your shoes and belt makes for a much cleaner look. Don’t be the one who wears dark brown shoes and a light brown belt… you should know better.

A Solid Bag

Depending on where you work, backpacks might be acceptable. However, if you are heading to a law office or wall street then you should invest in a solid work bag. Pick a briefcase or over the shoulder leather bag, whichever matches your new style.

A Proper Overcoat

Try your best to keep your outerwear professional, look for cashmere and wool overcoats. A good one will last years if not decades and they are unbelievably warm. If you buy the right color you can wear it with all of your dress clothes. They are perfect for the Chicago winter.

The Take Away

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You don’t have to have the most expensive clothing. Just having clothes that fit and match your personal style can go a long way.


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Innovation for Flexible Delivery

UberRUSH is a service that allows companies like us to dispatch trained drivers to pick up and deliver clothes without disrupting our partners that are currently out for deliveries.

We have been working with Uber and utilizing the UberRUSH API to create greater flexibility for you when it comes to pickup and delivery.

When our partners are at full capacity we don’t want to restrict you from ordering a pickup. Integrating this API into our system makes it easier to handle last minute pickups and deliveries, because we know some of you fly by the seat of your pants.

Since this spring, we have completed hundreds of last minute orders ranging from people who spilled on their rehearsal dinner dress the night before or even people who forgot they needed their suit delivered until 1 hour before their business trip.

We use the UberRUSH API because our drive for innovation revolves around making your experience as simple and speedy as possible.

Read more about the UberRUSH API.



Take Pictures Of Stains With DRYV iOS

There are new features in the DRYV iOS app check them out below and update here.

Over the past few weeks we have heard reviews and suggestions from the DRYV community. We listened and decided to add a few new features to the DRYV iOS app.

Order Flow

The first update you will notice is the new order flow layout. The new order screen is nicely organized and even allows for you to schedule your delivery ahead of time – no more waiting till you get a text:


Cleaning Preferences

Once you have selected your type of cleaning you can harness the power of our new cleaning notes. We know many people asked about how they can show the cleaners where stains and repairs are on their clothes. Now, along with your notes section you can add pictures to point out stains and repairs:


The pictures you submit are displayed for our cleaning partners along with your order. During the processing stage our cleaning partners can pre-treat and prepare your clothes before they move into the cleaning process.

Download The App

Now it’s time to go forth and update to the new and improved DRYV iOS App.


Cleaning Neck Ties

How to: Make Your Ties Last Forever

Don’t ruin your favorite neckties because you don’t know how to take care for them. Follow these tips and your neckties can last a lifetime.

Storing Your Ties

Ties are delicate so treat them as such. After you have untied your tie, never store them knotted or it will ruin them, hang them over a plastic hanger or tie rack. The only exception to hanging is knit ties. Knit ties fare better when rolled up and place in a drawer. If you hang up your knit ties they will eventually become stretched out.

Removing Wrinkles and Stains

If you get a little too wild at your client dinners then you may end up with a few stains on your tie. Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world make sure to blot the stain immediately with a cloth, blot don’t rub. Seltzer water, club soda, and tonic are your best friend when it comes to getting out stains on neckties.

When worst comes to worst and the stain won’t go away you should send it to a cleaner. Good cleaner’s know they shouldn’t press ties because it can cause the edges to flatten. If you happen to send your tie to a cleaner that is not a DRYV cleaner then make sure to reiterate that they shouldn’t press your tie. If you would rather send your suits and ties to expert cleaners then schedule a pickup here.

Packing Ties To Travel

NEVER fold your ties in a suitcase. ALWAYS roll your neckties, start from the narrow end and roll towards the bottom. If you can, individually bag them and place them inside your shoes for extra care.

De-Wrinkle Your Ties

If you are in a time crunch and cant hang your neckties up over night – a hot shower will work. Place your ties over a hanger in the steam filled bathroom and you are ready to go in just a few minutes.

*Original photo by John Hope

International Dance Day

DRYV Doughnut Break

In honor of International Dance Day we look back on our DRYV Doughnut Break. We teamed up with Glazed and Infused to bring a doughnut break to our customers’ Chicago offices. Nick “MOKS” Olvera, the champion break dancer, showed off his skills and was even joined by a few employees. Enjoy!

You can read about the original contest here, DRYV Doughnut Break. What would you like to see next year for International Dance Day? Let us know on twitter @DRYV_Chi