4 Active Vacations You’ll Never Forget

Camping Under The Stars

After this long Chicago winter it is time to get out and about. This spring is coming on fast so it’s time to start planning your spring travel destinations.

If you are like us, you love a good relaxing vacation but not all vacations need to be about lounging. An active vacation can be just as rejuvenating as sitting on the beach. In the spirit of all our active life styles here are a few of our favorite vacation spots:

Take A “Staycation” – Go Sailing

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Enjoy the views from Lake Michigan and soak in the Chicago Skyline. The water front has a plethora of options when it comes to sailing. We recommend Chicago Sailboat Charters. The best time to go sailing is late spring and all of summer so it’s time to plan ahead.

Vacation On The River – Go Kayaking

Location: Austin, Texas

The warm weather and colorado river will wash away your worries. Get in a nice arm workout as your cruise down the river into the heart of Austin. You will get one of the best views in the city right from the river. Make sure to check out Texas Rowing Center.

Ride To The Peak – Mountain Biking

Location: Denver, Colorado

Enjoy the weather, cool breeze, and awe inspiring view from the mountains in Colorado. Scale the mountain terrain and enjoy the trails, even if they ever get crowded. One of the best places to rent bikes from is Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides.

Sleep Under The Stars – Camping

Location: Bryce Canyon in Utah

Go camping at the beautiful Bryce Canyon. Sleep in luxury tents and explore under the starlit sky. There is more to see then you could possibly take in with just a two day getaway. Go ahead and start planning your hikes and rent tents in Utah.