A Lesson in SEO & The Power of Referrals

-On Wednesday January 27th, Joe Anhalt joined the DRYV team in presenting at a lunch & learn event. The event was held at WeWork co-working space in River North.-

During the event we were able to share with local entrepreneurs how we leveraged and a/b tested our referral program to drive 1/3rd of our growth. Joe Anhalt, the marketing manager at Interior Define, joined us to present his recent blog post about leveraging SEO to build on our referral program and avoid doing laundry for 18 months.

DRYV sponsored Lunch & Learn at WeWork.

DRYV sponsored Lunch & Learn at WeWork.

At DRYV we give our users the ability to easily share their experience with their friends and family. By adding referrals into the home page of our app and a/b testing copy in text referrals we have driven growth while keeping cost a steady $10 per referral.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and (validation from a friend) + (free cleaning) = increasingly loyal customers.

Joe presented the SEO tactics he used to gain a strong hold on certain keywords:


Joe Slide 1

SEO is a powerful tool but when combined with “The Perfect Storm” as he called it, one can bring in a lot of clicks and conversions. Joe is an expert in driving traffic to his blog with SEO and retaining readers with valuable copy.


Joe Slide 2

For Joe our organic growth created word of mouth while shares of his blog post created a snowball effect that earned him over $2,000 in referral credits. As we grew fast so did the searches and in turn his referral credits.