Are you wasting time and money without these 8 life hacks?


You are definitely missing out without these 8 life hacks:

1. Take pictures of your friends holding your stuff when you lend it to them. Now you will never forget who is borrowing your stuff. 

2. Get home and you don’t have any cold beer? Wet a paper towel and wrap it around the bottle. Stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes and….. boom instantly ice cold!

3. Does laundry keep piling up? Download the DRYV app and order a pickup. They pick up, wash & fold, and return your clothes to you when you are ready.

4. If you’re an iced coffee fan but hate watered down coffee then make some coffee ice cubes. Pour warm coffee in an ice tray the night before, freeze them, and drop those in your morning drink. 

5. Running out of phone battery on a business trip? Turn on airplane mode while charging it in an airport to charge it faster.

6. Want to save on electricity? Lower the brightness of your HDTV and you can reduce power consumption up to 40%. Movies are better on a lower brightness anyways.

7. Dirty keyboard at work? Don’t pay for keyboard cleaner just head on over to the nearest desk with sticky notes and swipe the sticky part between your keys.

8. Want to eat leftovers but tired of the microwave pizza taste? Put a small cup of water in with your pizza and just taste the difference.

Now, go have fun you savvy life hacker you!