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Fit Suit

6 Tips To Dress Like A Grown Up

A Made To Fit Suit

Gone are the days of wearing the same suit to job interviews that you wore to school dances. You will be surprised how much of a difference a tailored suit will feel and the confidence it will instill. If you can’t go to buy a custom suit at a shop like Oliver & Rowan Bespoke, here in Chicago, then make sure to take your current suit to a trusted tailor. Even a $1,000 suit can look cheap if its too big on you.

Custom Shirts

The most important parts of a shirt are how the collar and shoulder fit. Make sure to consult a tailor when having shirts made, don’t try to measure yourself. Without proper cleaning your shirts can deteriorate so remember to care for your shirts by using a high quality dry cleaner in your neighborhood.

Two Pairs of Dress Shoes

This should be a given. Get rid of your boat shoes and buy some nice shoes. Spend some time choosing your pair, if you care for them you will have them for a long time.

Matching Belt

When you buy new shoes, buy a matching belt at the same time. Pairing your shoes and belt makes for a much cleaner look. Don’t be the one who wears dark brown shoes and a light brown belt… you should know better.

A Solid Bag

Depending on where you work, backpacks might be acceptable. However, if you are heading to a law office or wall street then you should invest in a solid work bag. Pick a briefcase or over the shoulder leather bag, whichever matches your new style.

A Proper Overcoat

Try your best to keep your outerwear professional, look for cashmere and wool overcoats. A good one will last years if not decades and they are unbelievably warm. If you buy the right color you can wear it with all of your dress clothes. They are perfect for the Chicago winter.

The Take Away

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You don’t have to have the most expensive clothing. Just having clothes that fit and match your personal style can go a long way.


Cleaning Neck Ties

How to: Make Your Ties Last Forever

Don’t ruin your favorite neckties because you don’t know how to take care for them. Follow these tips and your neckties can last a lifetime.

Storing Your Ties

Ties are delicate so treat them as such. After you have untied your tie, never store them knotted or it will ruin them, hang them over a plastic hanger or tie rack. The only exception to hanging is knit ties. Knit ties fare better when rolled up and place in a drawer. If you hang up your knit ties they will eventually become stretched out.

Removing Wrinkles and Stains

If you get a little too wild at your client dinners then you may end up with a few stains on your tie. Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world make sure to blot the stain immediately with a cloth, blot don’t rub. Seltzer water, club soda, and tonic are your best friend when it comes to getting out stains on neckties.

When worst comes to worst and the stain won’t go away you should send it to a cleaner. Good cleaner’s know they shouldn’t press ties because it can cause the edges to flatten. If you happen to send your tie to a cleaner that is not a DRYV cleaner then make sure to reiterate that they shouldn’t press your tie. If you would rather send your suits and ties to expert cleaners then schedule a pickup here.

Packing Ties To Travel

NEVER fold your ties in a suitcase. ALWAYS roll your neckties, start from the narrow end and roll towards the bottom. If you can, individually bag them and place them inside your shoes for extra care.

De-Wrinkle Your Ties

If you are in a time crunch and cant hang your neckties up over night – a hot shower will work. Place your ties over a hanger in the steam filled bathroom and you are ready to go in just a few minutes.

*Original photo by John Hope

wearables, tech-enabled clothes fashion

Tech-enabled clothes are here, have you upgraded?

Wearable Tech is here. Clothes are getting smarter so why not upgrade your workout?

The smartest in wearable technology:


The most badass pair of socks you will ever own. Sensoria created these with sensors woven in and a bluetooth anklet to sync with. These socks can track your steps, calories, stride, and more. Have a problem with weight distribution when running? Sensoria fitness socks will help you improve each step you take on your run.


Smartest tank top on the market. It comes with a  handy mobile app to sync with. Track your heart rate and breathing. This top is for the dedicated… it runs at $400 but from what we have heard… it’s worth every penny.


These have12 bio-sensors in them. These sensors tell you how hard your body is truly working. This package gives you a pair of athos leggings and athos core. These leggings are made with sweat wicking material so you can stay dry.


The shirt provides you with biometric data around your breath, heart rate, and balance. The bluetooth device comes in and out of the shirt without becoming uncomfortable. Compatible with most smartphones, staying on track has never been easier.

How To Keep Your Denim Fresh On The Road


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This post is brought to you by our friends Zipfit Denim, check them out for the best fitting jeans in your life.

As a busy professional, you probably spend a decent amount of time traveling. Jeans are one of the best pieces you can take on a trip because they’re super durable and can be worn frequently without washing for months, yes months. However, they still succumb to a stain or stench here and there and it’s pretty inconvenient when it happens while traveling. We’re going to teach you some life hacks for caring for your clothes while on the road.

Spot Clean

One of the few moments we suggest washing your jeans is when you get stains on them. On the road, a washing machine isn’t always accessible. Therefore, purchase yourself a magic wand for your clothes, such as a Tide Stick. This way, you’re only tackling the dirty spot and don’t have to worry about the jeans taking too long to dry.

Hand Wash

We’re taking it old school! We recommend this option if where you’re staying doesn’t have a washing machine and if your jeans got extremely dirty to the point that spot cleaning won’t suffice. Typically, hotels have detergent available. Put your jeans in the bath tub and proceed to scrubbing out the areas where it’s most needed with the detergent. Once you’ve rinsed the jeans, hang dry the jeans either in the bathroom or outside if your room has an outdoor area and if it isn’t too cold. Hand washing is a great alternative If you don’t need your jeans the next day since they’ll need at least 24 hours to dry.

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Freeze Clean

When you need to get rid of odor from your jeans, we’re huge fans of freeze cleaning! Oh, you haven’t heard? It’s simple. You simply put your jeans in a freezer overnight and pull them out. Voila! Your jeans are stench free. Typically your hotel room will have a mini fridge. If the fridge doesn’t have a freezer component, simply turn down the temperature to the coolest setting.

So Fresh & So Clean

Don’t be afraid to spritz your jeans with a bit of fresh scent from one of your favorite body sprays or cologne. Be easy on how much you spray, they could smell worse off if you overdo it. We recommend 2-4 sprays all around.


Zipfit Denim is the best at getting you into the perfect fit of jeans. We asked Zipfit for a few tips on maintaining denim and they gave us everything we could ever want to know. If you want to grab yourself a pair or schedule a fitting visit their website. Stay up to date with their blog for expert tips on denim.

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