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Take Pictures Of Stains With DRYV iOS

There are new features in the DRYV iOS app check them out below and update here.

Over the past few weeks we have heard reviews and suggestions from the DRYV community. We listened and decided to add a few new features to the DRYV iOS app.

Order Flow

The first update you will notice is the new order flow layout. The new order screen is nicely organized and even allows for you to schedule your delivery ahead of time – no more waiting till you get a text:


Cleaning Preferences

Once you have selected your type of cleaning you can harness the power of our new cleaning notes. We know many people asked about how they can show the cleaners where stains and repairs are on their clothes. Now, along with your notes section you can add pictures to point out stains and repairs:


The pictures you submit are displayed for our cleaning partners along with your order. During the processing stage our cleaning partners can pre-treat and prepare your clothes before they move into the cleaning process.

Download The App

Now it’s time to go forth and update to the new and improved DRYV iOS App.


On Demand Doorman Pickup

Take Back Your Free Time

At DRYV we hold free time to be one of the most important aspects to a balanced life. A study was done on the time Americans spend doing their chores and the average adult spends 23,214 hours on laundry during their life time. Why not try a laundry service?

We think that’s ridiculous to have to spend that much time on laundry. Now we have added a door-staff pickup option to give buildings that have door-staff even more flexibility. So far it seems like door-staff pickups have been a big help to our community of users, especially those that use our laundry service. We received this email from one of our long time users:

Doorstaff pickup has made my life 300% easier. I literally tap doorman pickup for tomorrow and when I leave for work I drop my bag off downstairs. When I get home from work my folded laundry is sitting there waiting for me. I just wish you guys would put my clothes away for me now too…

When I get home from work my folded laundry is sitting there waiting for me.. Click To Tweet

To date we’ve had thousands of doorman pickups around the city. We truly love hearing how we have freed up our users to spend their free time on things other than laundry.

Now you can drop your clothes off with your door-staff and get back to living.

How to use door staff laundry service

  1. Select “At My Building’s Front Desk”
  2. Select a Pickup time
  3. Select Delivery Time (Optional)
  4. Place Your Order With Cleaning Instructions
  5. You are all set!

Just like that you can try the future of clothing care! You never have to do your own laundry again! You can download the app here or visit our website to sign up.

wearables, tech-enabled clothes fashion

Tech-enabled clothes are here, have you upgraded?

Wearable Tech is here. Clothes are getting smarter so why not upgrade your workout?

The smartest in wearable technology:


The most badass pair of socks you will ever own. Sensoria created these with sensors woven in and a bluetooth anklet to sync with. These socks can track your steps, calories, stride, and more. Have a problem with weight distribution when running? Sensoria fitness socks will help you improve each step you take on your run.


Smartest tank top on the market. It comes with a  handy mobile app to sync with. Track your heart rate and breathing. This top is for the dedicated… it runs at $400 but from what we have heard… it’s worth every penny.


These have12 bio-sensors in them. These sensors tell you how hard your body is truly working. This package gives you a pair of athos leggings and athos core. These leggings are made with sweat wicking material so you can stay dry.


The shirt provides you with biometric data around your breath, heart rate, and balance. The bluetooth device comes in and out of the shirt without becoming uncomfortable. Compatible with most smartphones, staying on track has never been easier.

A Lesson in SEO & The Power of Referrals

-On Wednesday January 27th, Joe Anhalt joined the DRYV team in presenting at a lunch & learn event. The event was held at WeWork co-working space in River North.-

During the event we were able to share with local entrepreneurs how we leveraged and a/b tested our referral program to drive 1/3rd of our growth. Joe Anhalt, the marketing manager at Interior Define, joined us to present his recent blog post about leveraging SEO to build on our referral program and avoid doing laundry for 18 months.

DRYV sponsored Lunch & Learn at WeWork.

DRYV sponsored Lunch & Learn at WeWork.

At DRYV we give our users the ability to easily share their experience with their friends and family. By adding referrals into the home page of our app and a/b testing copy in text referrals we have driven growth while keeping cost a steady $10 per referral.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and (validation from a friend) + (free cleaning) = increasingly loyal customers.

Joe presented the SEO tactics he used to gain a strong hold on certain keywords:


Joe Slide 1

SEO is a powerful tool but when combined with “The Perfect Storm” as he called it, one can bring in a lot of clicks and conversions. Joe is an expert in driving traffic to his blog with SEO and retaining readers with valuable copy.


Joe Slide 2

For Joe our organic growth created word of mouth while shares of his blog post created a snowball effect that earned him over $2,000 in referral credits. As we grew fast so did the searches and in turn his referral credits.