Chicago’s Hottest Startup, BRIGHT PINK PARTY, YOUR promo codes!


We are Chicago’s Hottest Showcasing Startup

Tech Cocktail held a great event at 1871 celebrating Chicago’s Hottest Showcasing Startup. Co-Founder, Dan Parsons pitched to over 150 attendees the beauty behind DRYV. The attendees thought the service was so clean, they selected DRYV over 11 other startups as Chicago’s Hottest Showcasing Startup, you can learn more here –

Party for a cause, and look good doing it!

Have you heard of BRIGHT PINK? If not, you should check it out ASAP! It’s a kick-ass non-profit and they’re having a PARTY to spread awareness, raise money for their charity, and celebrate their mission. Bright Pink has selected DRYV to help everyone get their party gear in tip-top shape for the event, and help attendees clean off any party stains when the night is through. All attendees using the promo code“BRIGHTPINK”, will get $20 off their first order and we’ll also be donating $10 for each order placed. Additionally, DRYV will be contributing several gift certificates to the silent auction.

Your promo codes are here, Give $20 Get $20

If you haven’t already gotten your personal promo code, now is the time. Your promo code is listed below, now promote your heart out! Please share to your social networks, email lists, group text chains, knitting clubs… ok, you get it. Every new user that places an order will earn you $20 in DRYV credits! They also get free cleaning on their first order up to $20 as well. Remember, DRYV has been helping tons of people up their game – so you’ll be doing your friends a favor.

Until next time, stay clean!
– The DRYV team