Crazy new Facebook feature? Personal assistant! WTF?


Facebook Messenger lead David Marcus just announced Facebook’s new “assistant” named “M." 

Seems like nowadays you don’t need to do anything yourself so why would you? Here are 5 services that will make you feel like you have a personal butler:

1. Ask Siri, Cortana, or the new "M” to book you a dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant.

2. Trying to impress your significant other or a business partner? Order a fleet of Teslas from and go out in style.

3. Open up the DRYV app and request a pickup for your dry cleaning. They will pick it up, clean it, and deliver it right back to your door. All you have to do is tap a few buttons on your phone.

4. Don’t have time to walk your pets? Urban leash will come pick up your pets, walk them, and let you monitor it all from your phone.

5. Just really want a human personal assistant? Rent one on an hourly basis with ChicagoAnytimeAssistants They don’t come in tuxedos though, you have to provide that yourself.

Now go live like Kings & Queens with your new assistants.