Hip Ways to Repurpose Your Favorite Old Sweaters

1. Sweater Mittens

A Beautiful Mess shows a simple way to quickly turn that wild old sweater into a stylish new pair of mittens. Now your hands get to enjoy the cozy warmth of your sweater for a bit longer.


2.The Sweater Pillow

Nothing’s better than nuzzling up in your favorite old sweater while watching reruns of your favorite rom com. Now you can keep that sweater with you all winter long by creating a stylish sweater pillow. Checkout this how-to guide by Brassy Apple, your couch game will never be the same.


3.The iPad Case

It’s hard to find an iPad or iPhone case that reflects your personality. Now you can repurpose your favorite old sweater to do just that, and you can be assured nobody else will be sporting the same look. Checkout Fimby’s play-by-play guide to quickly create a functional, stylish mobile device case from your old sweaters.

iphone sweater

4. The Wine Sweater

Lots of holiday parties and friends-givings around the corner so make sure you and your wine travel in style. These elegant wine sweaters are also a great gift to compliment a nice bottle of wine. Creme de la Craft shows you exactly how to make a warm counterpart for your favorite bottle of vino.

wine sleeve

5. Braided Headband

Cold weather always introduces the perfect occasion to try out new accessories. Alisha Burke shows a crafty way to create amazing braided headbands that will pop! All fabrics, patterns, and colors are welcome – the louder the better with this sporty hair hack!

head band

Now that your old beat-up sweaters are taken care of, it’s time to make sure the rest of your gear is ready for prime-time. Don’t waste time messing with your laundry or lugging sweaters or coats to the cleaners this winter, we’ll gladly take care of this for you. Head here to learn more, and save tons of time!