Win A Happy Hour For Your Office

happy hour We are teaming up with our friends UberEATS, Foxtrot, Whittl, and Luxe to provide one Chicago office with a holiday happy hour.

All you have to do is visit this site and enter your work email. Make sure to share it with your colleagues to increase your company’s chance of winning. Our friends are helping us provide you with munchies, booze, and some goodies – everything you need for a solid happy hour.

UberEATS delivers the best dishes in Chicago in ten minutes or less! Open your Uber app during lunch (11am-2pm) or dinner (5:30-8:30) to request your EATS curbside in minutes.

Foxtrot offers curated selections of beer, wine, snacks, and everyday essentials. They also have two stores around the Chicago area.



Whittl allows you to book and pay for appointments through your phone. Everything is online so you are in and out quickly.


Luxe is an on demand valet service. Certified valets will pick up your car and return it wherever you want, they will even wash it if you ask.



Now it’s time to enter and win a holiday happy hour for your office. What are you waiting for?