How is this dog so chill?


This dog almost broke the internet after it was posted on reddit. Somehow it got stuck in a bush and instead of flipping out it just chilled there smiling. Most people would panic but not this Shiba Inu. If you have been a little overwhelmed lately here are 5 ways to stay chill:

1. You should sit down and listen to this song Weightless now! ( it was deemed the most relaxing song in the world by people that are good at science)

2. Just start smiling, you will be surprised when your emotions start following your body language.

3. Outsource your chores, it makes life so much easier. Have a dog, not stuck in a bush? Sweet, use urban leash they will pick your pet up and walk them.  Hate doing laundry? No problem, use DRYV they pickup your laundry, wash it, fold it, and deliver it back to you. Don’t want to cook dinner? Boom order postmates.


4. Switch up that computer wallpaper of yours to one of these calm and serene screens. It’s okay to take a break and stare at them.

5. Don’t take medication, try L-Theanine you can get it at most nutrition stores and it’s a safe, natural, plant extract that calms you down.

Bonus: for the best effect do all 5 steps at once.

I know, I know, you are welcome. Now go smile through the anxiety and just chill out!