How To Keep Your Denim Fresh On The Road


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As a busy professional, you probably spend a decent amount of time traveling. Jeans are one of the best pieces you can take on a trip because they’re super durable and can be worn frequently without washing for months, yes months. However, they still succumb to a stain or stench here and there and it’s pretty inconvenient when it happens while traveling. We’re going to teach you some life hacks for caring for your clothes while on the road.

Spot Clean

One of the few moments we suggest washing your jeans is when you get stains on them. On the road, a washing machine isn’t always accessible. Therefore, purchase yourself a magic wand for your clothes, such as a Tide Stick. This way, you’re only tackling the dirty spot and don’t have to worry about the jeans taking too long to dry.

Hand Wash

We’re taking it old school! We recommend this option if where you’re staying doesn’t have a washing machine and if your jeans got extremely dirty to the point that spot cleaning won’t suffice. Typically, hotels have detergent available. Put your jeans in the bath tub and proceed to scrubbing out the areas where it’s most needed with the detergent. Once you’ve rinsed the jeans, hang dry the jeans either in the bathroom or outside if your room has an outdoor area and if it isn’t too cold. Hand washing is a great alternative If you don’t need your jeans the next day since they’ll need at least 24 hours to dry.

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Freeze Clean

When you need to get rid of odor from your jeans, we’re huge fans of freeze cleaning! Oh, you haven’t heard? It’s simple. You simply put your jeans in a freezer overnight and pull them out. Voila! Your jeans are stench free. Typically your hotel room will have a mini fridge. If the fridge doesn’t have a freezer component, simply turn down the temperature to the coolest setting.

So Fresh & So Clean

Don’t be afraid to spritz your jeans with a bit of fresh scent from one of your favorite body sprays or cologne. Be easy on how much you spray, they could smell worse off if you overdo it. We recommend 2-4 sprays all around.


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