How To Survive The First Chicago Snowfall

first Chicago snowfallWe have all experienced the brutal winter days in Chicago when all you want to do is lay in bed. Between work, the cold, and everyday chores it is hard to stay positive and find free time. So here are a few suggestions to help get you through the your first Chicago snowfall.

Finding Food

Utilize the many on demand food sources like UberEATS and Foxtrot to keep you from having to lug takeout back to your home. To be honest you shouldn’t have to leave your house anyways.

Keeping Clean

Don’t even think about your chores, winter is hard enough. Order yourself a laundry and dry cleaning pickup. You can also request your fellow neighborhood cleaner to come by and tidy up your place from Handy.


It’s time to buckle down with Netflix or HBO Go. Get yourself started on a new series and strap in for some quality couch time.

Good luck this weekend.


The DRYV Team