The top “performing” men’s shirts, literally!

We’ve identified a few cutting edge brands that follow this lead by creating garments that blend the best of both active materials with office appropriate aesthetics. Below we’ll highlight a few of these rockin’ companies.



Mizzen and Main

These guys combine the best of advanced performance fabrics with the refined look of a classic men’s dress shirt. This moisture wicking, wrinkle free dress shirt breathes better than your favorite workout shirt while looking suave in the office.


Ministry of Supply

From fresh fiber blends to precision cutting, every last detail in the production process plays a critical role in optimizing the garments’ capabilities. Ministry of Supply prides themselves on their build, test, and improve garment process. Made of a moisture-wicking woven blend with enough stretch to run a marathon (it’s been done), their gear delivers under-the-hood performance to the core.



Outlier Clothing

Outlier believes clothing should be liberating. What you put on in the morning should never restrict what you do with your day. They make garments that evolve around the boundaries of fashion using a function driven design process and high quality technical fabrics.


Parker Dusseau

Parker Dusseau

Intuitive, timeless apparel for your daily adventure. The legacy of Parker Dusseau brings a passion for the outdoors, elegant style and a gregarious approach to life – they infuse this spirit into everything they make.


Lulu Lemon

They’ve created a lightweight shirt to wick away moisture when you’re racing to work. They’ve bonded the seams to help prevent chafing and added no-show buttons under the collar to help keep things feeling crisp even when you have to hustle to get there on time.