Time Management: Major Key Alert

Jenna Goudreau recently wrote a great piece about 26 time management tricks you wish you knew at the age of 20. At DRYV we hail time management to be a Major Key to Success, as DJ Khaled would say. We also pride ourselves in saving our users time every week.

Here are our three major takeaways from the 26 tricks:

  1. Time Management revolves around prioritization. Not everyone can efficiently mutlitask, in fact most people who think they are great mutlitaskers are holding themselves back. Completing one task at a time makes for a more successful day.
  2. Plan your days to do the most important tasks in the morning. Your body and mind are more efficient in the morning. By placing big meetings in the morning you won’t waste an hour of work worrying or thinking about the meeting.
  3. When planning your day it is also best to outsource and delegate the trivial tasks. If someone else can get it done and it frees you up to accomplish bigger tasks then you might as well delegate it.

Now that you have read our take, check out the slideshare, by Étienne Garbugli’s, that Jenna used to write her article:

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